Cable modem cooling

Mod your cable modem to stabilize that fat pipe

At speeds over 2M the QAMLink 200mhz 'cpu' used in cable modems runs too hot , this is one way to help that little peccadillo

Modem blues
I pay big bucks to my ISP for a big fat internet connection , a whopping 3m line( whoo-hoo ). It is a little slice of heaven , and when watching the download speeds , or the streaming video I need to be alone for a moment ( sigh ) .

But ( yes I said but ) the ratio of smooth to funky is not as it should be . In fact in less than three months I have burned through three ( yes three ) cable modems . Although I should point out that the crucial little gem of information ( that the modem was at fault) came after weeks of agonizing intercourse with the ( indian accented ) customer service line and several meetings with the local cable service guy ( someone whom it would appear , needs to be booked about ten years in advance ).

Most of the cable company represenatives ( there was one really excellent dude , an exception obviously, whom oddly didn't have an accent , go figure... ) stuck to the company line that, " the modem is almost never the problem " , and proceeded to keep bouncing me around and putting me off or trying what appears to be the first and only trick the cable tech support book , which is : unplug the modem , wait thirty seconds , plug the .....blah blah blah .
If this fails to satisfy they then tell you that you will have to have a technician come out and the ealiest appointment is june 96th, 4086 . Mean while my internet connection blows massive chunks .

BY Massive chunks I mean that the connection was horrednously unstable making me want to claw great gleaving chunks out of the desktop .

The symptoms
I would experience EXTREMELY intermittent connections . AT first the connection would just get a little twitchy : a little slow loading pages or sometimes failing to do anything when clicking on a link .
( the customer service line tried to "Educate" me about how OTHER peoples servers were teh problem- ha , nice try but no quepy doll for tech support )

Then the problems progressed in severity until hitting a nader : inability to connect at all , with the modem shutting itself off and rebooting almost constantly ( it would work for a few minutes , then reboot , work for a few minutes , reboot....)

(note: if you are unfamiliar with knowing when your modem is rebooting itself , it is when all the lights go out and then the machine runs through that start-up process of blinking all the lights at you in a bewildering assortment until settling down with a nice stable 'ready' light)

The most telling thing seemed to me that the modem would work for a while but once it warmed up my connection went all to hell .

This was especially apparent when trying to play UT04 online or trying to surf when a large download was taking place .

When the data was really screaming back and forth the modem would get hot enough to cook toast on .
I mentioned this to teh tech support and was told repeatedly " ..oh those modems do run warm .." even after I explained that I know hardware and I know hardware aint suppose to run that hot.

Right, so in the face of massive indifference on the part of the cable company ( I mean hell I should grovel on my knees for the chance to give them fifty bucks a month right? ) I decided to take matters into my own hands .

At first I was making them replace the modems when they burned out but after the third one (which only lasted four days ) I was getting tired of driving down to the office and it dawned on me ( after standing in line with a number of people experiencing the same problem as myself and seeing a pile about three and a half feet high of burned out equipment behind the counter) that the cable company didn't seem in any hurry to give the customers what they are paying for and correct teh problem so I decided to see if modding the modem with some extra cooling would bring me some satisfaction .

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